Recognition by the U.S. Department Of Education:

Accrediting Commission of International Colleges and Universities (ACICU) at first gained elected distinguishment in 1959 and has persistently held distinguishment by the U.S Bureau of Education since the time that. Elected distinguishment intends to guarantee that accreditors meet desires for institutional and project support in elected exercises, for example, elected monetary help programs. Presently, the elected distinguishment methodology is to a great extent completed by the National Advisory Committee for Institutional Quality and Integrity (NACIQI). The NACIQI gives suggestions to the U.S Secretary of Education concerning whether accreditation gauges are sufficiently thorough and viable to guaranteeing that a perceived accreditor is a dependable power with respect to the nature of the training gave by the foundation it certifies. In 2012, NACIQI suggested to the Secretary of Education that DETCAC get distinguishment through 2017.

ACICU’s extent of Distinguishment by the Secretary of Education is:

The accreditation of postsecondary foundations in the United States that offer degree and/or non-degree programs essential by the separation or correspondence training technique up to and including the expert doctoral degree, including those establishments that are particularly affirmed by the org as licensed for Title IV purposes.