Prior to the Accrediting Commission will authoritatively acknowledge an organization’s introductory Application for Accreditation, the establishment must exhibit it completely meets the qualification criteria. Here are the criteria:

  • Distance training is the essential strategy for study for the lion’s share of people and separation instruction courses include the greater part of curricula offerings.
  • The organization must be appropriately authorized, approved, exempted or endorsed by the pertinent state instructive institutional power (or its proportional for non-U.S organizations).
  • At the time of starting requisition, the establishment must have been enlisting understudies in present projects for two back to back years under the present proprietorship.
  • There is proof through reviewed or explored money related explanations that the organization is monetarily sound.
  • The name being utilized by the foundation is free from any companionship with any action that could harm the notoriety of the Accrediting Commission.
  • The foundation, its holders, administering board parts, authorities and executives have sound notorieties and exhibit a record of respectability and moral behavior.
  • The foundation concurs that as a feature of the requisition handle, the managers, officers and chiefs may be liable to a personal investigation by DET.